Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed


Sudhantira Coconut Oil adds to your grocery list the pure essence of nature herself. Carefully handpicked high quality copra from our farms are subjected to traditional coldpress method to pack the goodness of nutrition and wellness  for everyone in your family.

| Not Refined | No added preservatives| No added chemicals or adulterants |

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  1. Sudhantira Coconut oil is the one magical ingredient in your daily routine for all your beauty and health needs. 
  2. It is the best companion for your weight loss regimes by boosting metabolism. The unique combination of fatty acids present in coconut oil is a good fat and calorie burner.
  3. Sudhantira Coconut Oil is also a natural moisturiser and sunblock leaving your skin radiant and smooth.The traditional coldpress process ensures that the natural Lauric acid and Caprylic acid are intact to protect your skin health. 
  4. Owing to better scalp penetration, regular application to hair does wonders for scalp health, hair health and texture. Everytime you run your hands through your strong and shiny hair you will thank not us, but your Grandma for this age old practise.
  5. We make no compromise in providing the best of everything for our children. We take special care in ensuring that Sudhantira Coconut Oil is smooth and free flowing so that you can give your child the best body massage for overall wellness. 
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1 L, 500 ml