Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil – Cold Pressed


Sudhantira Sesame Oil checks all the boxes for a healthy lifestyle. Carefully chosen high quality, less pungent sesame seeds from our farms and quality jaggery goes into the preparation. We treat the ‘queen of oil seeds’ in the royal way she is meant to be treated. Using traditional coldpress method for oil extraction we ensure that the oil delivered to your home is the finest with all the health benefits intact.

| Not Refined | No added preservatives| No added chemicals or adulterants |

  1. Sudhantira Sesame Oil is packed with the goodness of 3000 years of tradition that has been extensively used in food and vedic medicinal preparations. 
  2. Our established traditional process is designed to retain the best flavour, aroma and taste. We go an extra step to ensure that our oil is specially prepared to be used for seasoning all your favourite dishes.
  3. Oil massages with Sudhantira Sesame Oil is the perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate yourself after a tiring week. The Pleasant aroma and perfect viscosity provides you with nothing but the best experience, aiding in pain relief and improved sleep quality. 
  4. Regular oil pulling with a spoon of Sudhantira Sesame Oil helps in complete oral care.
  5. Naturally available Omega-6 and combined richness of copper and zinc makes you healthy inside out. 
  6. Be glowing and radiant outside, Calm and strong inside. 
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1 L, 500 ml