Seeraga Samba/ Jeera Samba


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The name Seeraga Samba would remind anyone of the flavourful smells and taste of the drool-worthy biryani cooked with it. Seeraga samba rice is known for its unique taste and the flavour absorbing property it possesses. Cultivated using sustainable agro methods by the farmers of Trichy, these traditional rice varieties are free from any chemicals and pesticides. This unadulterated rice is sourced to you directly from the farmers.

Seeraga Samba Benefits

● Rich in fibre and antioxidants
● Selenium in the rice prevents intestine and colon cancer
● Contains phytonutrients to fight breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases
● Lowers cholesterol and is suitable for people with diabetes
● Lowers hypothyroidism

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1 Kg, 500 g


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