Mappillai Samba / Red Rice


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Mappillai Samba is a famous traditional rice variety, also known as bridegroom rice. According to traditional folklore, this rice is fed to the to-be-grooms before the wedding as it is believed to give strength and better health. Mappillai samba rice is rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. This unpolished red rice grown by our farmers strengthens the immune system and keeps health issues at bay. This rice variety is well suited to organic production because it hardly demands fertilisers or pesticides. Soak the rice and grind it into flour for making dosa, rice noodles (idiyappam), kozhukattai (dumpling) and other steamed items.

Mappillai Samba Benefits

● High fibre content aids in lowering the heart attack risks, obesity and aids digestion
● Rich in iron, zinc, and antioxidants giving the rice its rich red colour
● Aids in increasing haemoglobin and builds immunity
● Contains pro-anthocyanin, controls high blood sugar level
● Improves daily functions, like muscle contraction and heart rhythm
● Contains vitamin B1 that prevents stomach problems and ulcers

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