Our Story

At Sudhantira Agro, we believe the ultimate goal of sustainable farming is not just the growing of crops. It is the cultivation and perfection of human beings involved in the process and, ultimately, society's overall growth.

Do you know who’s growing your food, where and how it’s being grown? Sudhantira’s sustainable agro practices place socio-economic benefits to farmers at the forefront and bring pure and unadulterated fresh farm produce to your doorstep. Our unique farm model harnesses the best practices of integrated, modern farming techniques with traditional value systems to produce greater agricultural output, using lesser water, land, and energy. 

We aim to equip farmers by educating them and bring them closer to end consumers, thereby bridging the gap that has widened over time. 

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Our Farm

Being Farmers ourselves, we believe it’s a farmer’s duty to provide healthy food for people. At Sudhantira Agro, with our sustainable farming practices, we are doing our duty!

Nestled in the fertile lands of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, Sudhantira’s lush green farms will leave you enchanted! The soothing breeze from Thuraiyur lake carrying the city’s rich cultural heritage adds to the rustic charm of our everyday farm life. After a long day at the farm, watching the sunset in all its glory, the farm is where we lose and find ourselves.

We cherish the moments spent on our farm just breathing in nature, cooking food from fresh farm produce and relishing life. It’s in those moments; we realise we are onto something more significant than a dream. To provide healthy food to people is our calling! We are here for the long ride!

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