Began Agriculture so began Civilization!

Throughout the centuries there has been many changes in the techniques and process involved yet there remains no change in the plight that a farmer faces. The hand that feeds you many at times fails in feeding the self. There was and still is, that the profitability of the produce is harvested by the other. We are farmers by occupation, graduated in agriculture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and our tea times were spent with  discussions on how to close the gap such that the farmer could reap, maximize the profitability of, what he had sown.

Science and technology has played a very important role in evolution of various agricultural process and farmers being well acquaintance with them, work to achieve the desired yield, but sadly neither has there been decrease in the plight of the farmers nor any increase in their profitability. Which would always bring us to the question, how do you revamp an age old process with the modern tools available to deviate from results regularly achieved in the past.

We also wanted to deliver health at your door step. We believe healthy food is everyone’s right! To make that accessible became our motto. Thus SUDHANTIRA was born. Here at Sundhantira we bridge the gap existing, first, in making available quality produce to you and second, ensuring that better profits are generated for the producer.

At every step here, we have consciously chosen sustainability, made sure we keep the goodness of nature intact and aim in being inclusive and transparent by enabling you to trace back the produce that is delivered to its source. We also implement the best agricultural process and ensure happiness is truly harvested!